Aluminium is a non-ferrous metal, which combines great mechanical rigidity with light weight. This makes it especially suitable for furniture. If treated correctly, it has a good resistance to corrosion. By powdercoating aluminium, this corrosion resistance can even be enhanced. After a chemical pre-treatment, an epoxy powder is applied statically and baked. 

Powder coated aluminium is both highly weather resistant and lightweight making it perfect for outdoor use. Aluminium reacts with oxygen in the air to form a layer of oxide which although extremely thin provides excellent corrosion protection. Importantly the oxide layer is self-repairing if damaged.

Our furniture range features strong 1.8mm Aluminium tube framing that is high-density welded and reinforced providing added strength and longevity. Aluminium has zero toxicity.


Powder coated aluminium is easy to clean with clear water and a pH-neutral fluid detergent. Stubborn stains can be removed with Aluminium Cleaner.

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